Sydenham BTC Celebrates 50 years of The Bruce Trail

Hike The Sydenham Section End-to-End in 2012

To commemorate Sydenham BTC’s 50 th Anniversary, we are pleased to offer an End-to-End hike in the spring and autumn of 2012.

We will spread this hike over four weekends, two days each, on these dates:  May 12 & 13, June 16 & 17, September 8 & 9, and October 13 & 14.  With a total trail length of 170.1 kilometres, each hike will average 21 Km.

All hikes will begin at 8:00 AM at predetermined locations.  Sydenham BTC volunteers will serve as hike leaders and sweeps for all hikes.

Daily hikes can be completed at each individual hiker’s pace, but it is expected that participants will complete each day’s distance by a mutually agreed time.

This promises to be a vigourous, interesting, scenic and satisfying series of hikes.

Hikes will take place regardless of weather.

A detailed weekend-by-weekend itinerary and information about the registration process and fees will be available at a later date.

Please send an email message to indicate your interest in this event or make further inquiries to Doug at: