Saturday November 19 2011—Car hike Level II

Dufferin Hi-Land, Mono Cliffs (Map 19)

LENGTH OF HIKE             PACE                                          TERRAIN

15 km                             4 km/hr                                     Hilly, Variable

No dropout, Hiking boots,
Refreshments after, Bring a snack and something to drink.

Depart 9 am, Mono Centre Community Centre.

Take Hwy 10 north from Orangeville to Camilla, turn right on County Rd 8, and
finally north on 2nd Line EHS to Mono Centre. Park in the outer parking lot.

Bob Humphreys,

This loop hike is an opportunity to walk all of the side trails in the
Provincial Park linked together with short stretches of the main trail. Dogs
permitted, but must be leashed and owners scoop the poop