Fans of Urban Hikes can have their say in city’s parks plan.

Have your say in city’s parks plan

November  11, 2011 Mark Cullen  SPECIAL TO  THE STAR

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose  shade they know they shall never sit in.”— Greek proverb

The parks system in Toronto is what it is for a whole lot of  reasons, not the least of which is the total commitment to it on the part of generations of volunteers, business and political leaders. To spoil it now  would be a disgrace.

Over the next few weeks, the Parks, Forestry and Recreation  department of the City of Toronto will hold public meetings in an effort to  seek input for a new five-year parks plan. The plan will guide decision-making  and investment in city parks in order to meet the diverse needs of Toronto
residents, including:

• Designing beautiful, unique and sustainable park spaces.

• Protecting and expanding natural areas.

• Balancing park uses to include play spaces, natural areas,
sport activities, urban agriculture and cultural expression.

• Engaging the community through stewardship, volunteering
and partnerships.

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