Tuesday November 8 Join The Flying Squad and Ontario Streams to plant trees at St. Francis Centre

Here’s a  great opportunity to return a favour.
St. Francis Centre, one of our landowners, in conjunction with the non-profit NGO, Ontario  Streams, is going to be planting about 235 trees next Tuesday, November 8th, starting at 10 a.m.
Some trees are potted, some are bare-rooted.
St. Francis Centre  has been quite supportive of our efforts to maintain the trail in their area,  and this is a useful conservation effort.
Ontario Streams  will provide shovels and gloves and even some rubber boots, although hiking  boots should be adequate.
St. Francis Centre is located on the north side of Hwy 9, 1 km east of Airport Road.
Please  let me know if you can come over for awhile to help out.
Bring a friend.
Joan  Richard CHBTC Trail  Coordinator joanr55@hotmail.com

To inquire about the Bruce Trail’s “Flying Squad” Volunteer Group contact Jackie Randle