No Parking near Bruce Trail entrance on Hockley Road

From the Orangeville Banner

Motorists and trail users be warned — the area in front of the Bruce Trail entrance on Hockley Road is now a no parking zone.
After receiving a number of complaints throughout the years about vehicles parking on Hockley Road in the vicinity of 2nd Line near the Bruce Trail, county council decided to prohibit parking on both sides of the road. Hikers using the trail are being encouraged to use the public parking lot located nearby.
Concerns raised to the county have primarily been subjected to the south side of the road where there are a number of mailboxes are located. A few years ago, a sign was installed by the Bruce Trail asking drivers not to park near those mailboxes, but problems have still materialized.
In order to allow residents in the area to get their mail safely, county council decreed No Parking signs be installed on 2nd Line at its last meeting on Thursday (Oct. 13). County officials hope the decision will improve motorists’ visibility on 2nd Line before turning onto Hockley Road.