Sydenham Bruce Trail Club Wins Tom East Award

The Tom East Award, on an annual basis, recognizes the BTC club which has made the most significant gain in achieving the Optimum Route in the past year. It was recently announced that it was your Sydenham Bruce Trail Club that received this prestigious award for 2010!
The following excerpt is from “The Treadway” magazine, October 2011 edition:

The winner of the Tom East Award is the Sydenham Club for its reroute which removed 2km off road and onto the optimum route. Several years ago the BTC
had acquired the Crevice Spring property but it was isolated while the club negotiated landowner permission with two owners to the south.

Several problems made this section difficult to construct. One was the landowner to the south who insisted that we stay on top of the Escarpment (because he hunted down below) and the landowner to the north who told us that we had to stay below the escarpment (because he logged on top). This necessitated finding a route down the escarpment relatively close to the property line that separates the two holdings. This descent turned out to be one of the most beautiful features of this section, as it penetrates a spectacular crevice.

The second problem to overcome was the abundance of spreading yew that covered much of the ground. This plant could not just be
cut out; it had to be literally pulled out of the ground by hand. Ron Savage led work crew after work crew onto the trail route; it took the best part of the summer to complete.
Congratulations were extended to the Sydenham Club as Ron accepted the award on behalf of all those volunteers who had made the reroute possible.
I’m sure that everyone who has hiked this spectacular new section south of Woodford will agree that this award was definitely deserved. Be sure to attend the SBTC AGM on Sunday, October 23rd at “The Cabin” in Harrison Park to get all the details